IWAMA questionnaire

Welcome to the tutorial page for the IWAMA Key Figure Collection Questionnaire.

Watch the general tutorial

NB! the tutorial lasts 49 minutes, is sectioned according to the respective sheets of the Questionnaire excel file (sections can be easily found by clicking the icons), and we advise to watch it in 1,25 or 1,5-fold speed.

Comments & Corrections

21.11.2016: In Sludge treatment section, following questions on rows 71-73 might be confusing:

Row 71: Income from sludge sale – please answer when a product is produced from the sludge and sold (e.g. compost). Be sure that the answer is € per ton of end product.

Row 72: Cost for sludge treatment – please consider all costs related to sludge treatment process (electricity, chemicals, personnel). Be sure that the answer is € per ton of end "product”.

Row 73: Cost for sludge disposal – all costs related to sludge disposal (e.g. cost for farmer who is receiving the sludge, cost for landfilling), transportation costs should be included. Be sure that the answer is € per ton of end "product”.


Please comment when your answer is in different unit, e.g. € per ton of dry solids.

4.11.2016: Formula correction

The formula in dewatering section has been corrected now (it should not be gray) – you can download the updated version (v2) of the questionnaire excel here. You can also continue filling in the original file, just please fill in gray fields as well (in dewatering section).

Download questionnaire V2